Cases dedicate for 2.5" HDD. Banana Pi / PRO works on 5V and can power only 5V for 2.5 "(HDD or SSD) hard drives.

Case for SimpleNAS (Dedicated for Banana Pro, M1+ and M3)                                                       

DSC02071    DSC02072 

Case dedicate for one 2.5" HDD only.

Power: 5V/2A with DC 5.5mm connector

Case for SimpleNAS Pro (Dedicated for Banana Pro, M1+ and M3                                      

pro1  pro2   

Case dedicate for two 2.5" HDD only. Required controller: HDD-RAID 1.1 from CubieTech if you want use RAID config.

Power: 12V/2A with DC 5.5mm connector from HDD-RAID 1.1 from CubieTech