Case orangeNAS


orangepicaseCase for Orange Pi Plus with space inside for 2.5" disk. There is opening for USB, LAN port on one side of the enclosure.  Have button Power.






Image for Orange Pi Plus  is based on Debian/Linux. Image already have instaled OpenMediaVault software and includes reposytory for larger base of plugins.

System image requires at least 8GB SD card.

  • Version: 2.1.19(beta)
  • Release date: 7.12.2015
  • MD5: 704DF7E07FDC5FF194504E7CED31234D
  • Kernel: 3.4.39



Default login



  • Login: root
  • Password: openmediavault
  • Port: 22

Web panel

  • URL: IP-device
  • User: admin
  • Password: openmediavault