We added new system images with OpenMediaVault in version 2.1. Images has been prepared for Banana Pi/Pro, Raspberry Pi 2, Odroid C1 and CubieBoard 2.

Those are clean system versions with preinstaled OMV and with added repository and plugins from omv-extras.org. There is also MemoryFlesh plugin which enable writnig system logs on the RAM. From this build system will have continuous update.

Main update can be done by using commands over ssh: 

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

or update by the OMV web UI.

Further updates to newer Debian and OMV versions will be done by actualization script.


News in OMV 2.1:

  • Using Sencha ExtJS 5.1.1 framework for the WebGUI
  • Add a new dashboard and widgets
  • Many internal improvements and bugfixes
  • Improved the internal network interface backend
  • Add Wi-Fi support. Only WPA & WPA2 is supported
  • Add VLAN support
  • The network interface configuration page has been modified. Now only the configuration values are displayed. Use the dashboard widget to show the state of all network interfaces.
  • The public key of the user must now be specified in the RFC 4716 SSH public key file format. It is possible to add multiple keys.
  • Option to turn off the collection of system performance statistics.
  • Use the browser local storage to store the WebGUI state (e.g. displayed grid columns, column width, …) instead of cookies.