nextunityheroReleased in the download section the new system images OpenMediaVault 3.0 (based on Debian Jessie) and image Nextcloud (based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).


We prepare new system images OpenMediaVault 3.0. New version of OMV will be based on Armbian Jessie with kernel 4.6.2.  It will be prepared entirely new system image with the installed application nextcloud (fork ownCoud).

Sale casing and new images will be available in the first half of November.


We received from SinoVoip two new motherboards Banana Pi M1+ and Banana Pi M3. We already designed caseing for 3D printing. In the coming days it will be made available system image for M1 + and fixing image for the Banana PRO (fix Wifi). System for M3 will be prepared later when version 3 OMV will released.



We added new system images with OpenMediaVault in version 2.1. Images has been prepared for Banana Pi/Pro, Raspberry Pi 2, Odroid C1 and CubieBoard 2.

Those are clean system versions with preinstaled OMV and with added repository and plugins from There is also MemoryFlesh plugin which enable writnig system logs on the RAM. From this build system will have continuous update.

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