The project SimpleNAS build your own DIY NAS server through which network you share local resources on the network as well as run their own "cloud" through which you can share your files with friends and family. Through the use of open source software you have full control over your server. SimpleNAS is the solution for you and your family or simply for your home!

SimpleNaS main goal is to create easy assemble home NAS server. The project is based on ARM architecture minicomputer all-in-one board with SATA port. Board is under control of Debian/Linux based distro with addition of OpenMediaVault softwere. Project provide a ready to install image of OS and stereolithography file for 3D printers.


Why simpleNAS?


Low power consumption

Main advantage of using smal all-in-one board with ARM architecture is low energy cost. Devices this type use only 3,1W. 

Open and free

Project is based on Debian Linux and softwere used to create simple home NAS server called OpenMediaVault. This solution gives user an easy way (web interface) to configure services like: ownCloud, Klient Torrent, BT Sync, DLNA, DAAP, Nginx, Server OpenVPN.